Thot Off the Press — Chicken Piccata

Eating In

I’ll be honest I couldn’t think of a decent way to incorporate THOT into Chicken Piccata…Chicken Picthotta? Eh.

Regardless, sometimes you’re tryna make a chicken breast a little less plain without adding a ton of unnecessary calories {this thot tryna look good in a bikini once the weather gets its act together}. Enter….chicken piccata.

I stayed pretty faithful to our girl Giada’s recipe, but some minor tweaks…

  • I cooked 3 pretty large chicken breasts for four people, since I was making salad and angel hair pasta on the side, so I added another splash of broth and lemon juice to keep the sauce-to-chicken ratio consistent.
  • We happened to have some nice lemon olive oil (who knows why) so I used that to brown the chicken and added a splash to the pasta when it was cooking.
  • I definitely didn’t keep adding tablespoons of butter while browning, even when I added a little more olive oil. I wanted to keep it light!
  • I used bottled lemon juice. Ain’t no thotty got time for fresh squeezed.
  • I garnished with thin slices of lemon bc Instagram. Duh.

All in all, I thot it turned out great! I was pleased how filling it was given how light the lemon flavor is. There was also enough for one more serving of chicken and pasta for lunch the next day.

A quick note about Salad Fixins: These are a thotty gal’s dream. It’s a dry mix (that I usually get at Giant) of dried cranberries, almonds, sunflower seeds, and salted sesame sticks. It basically turns any greens into a yummy (or at least tolerable) salad, and I can convince myself to eat a salad more often because of it. Win.