Thot & Bothered: Empanadas

Eating In

When I decided about a year ago to make more of an effort in the kitchen, empanadas was one of the first recipes I tried. This thot studied abroad in Buenos Aires sophomore year, and I sought to replicate the flavors of a city known for the tango, Evita (OG thot who married up and took over), and delicious cuisine (steak and coffee and wine specifically). There was an empanada place a few blocks from our hostel in Palermo Soho called CUMIN CUMIN and it was unreal. Empanada con queso, pollo, y cebolla, con cerveza por favor. But I digress.


Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite food blogs, mostly for Deb’s lighthearted wit and candid descriptions of her efforts with the recipes. Plus the pictures are gorgeous, and she seems to be courageous enough to make anything. I used her recipe as a jumping off point, but per usual made some adjustments:

  • I love cooking/baking/all thot jazz but I can’t ever seem to get the simplest dough correct. It’s flour and water, but I can’t do it. So I use Goya’s empanada papers, and give them ample time to defrost to room temperature so that stuffing is easy!
  • If I had more time/patience/calories to spare, I would thotally cook with bone-in chicken. The flavor is better, but I can’t always convince myself it’s worth the extra effort and fat when ground chicken breast exists. I used 2lb.
  • Rather than waste food, I opted to cook an entire pound of chorizo. The extra meat led me to be able to make about 35 empanadas (three packs of Goya papers). I know this sounds like a lot, but they freeze well and go quickly when the fam puts away 3-4 per person per sitting. I also used kitchen shears to cut it into smaller pieces before cooking so that the filling will be easy to spoon into the papers. You could also use extra filling for salads, casseroles, etc.
  • I skipped the olives and raisins. Raisins are part of most traditional empanadas, but the typical thot palate is tryna eat some salty meaty empanadas. And I’m just not thot into you, olives.
  • The extra meat also caused me to add extra splashes of chicken broth and wine to keep the ratios on fleek.
  • I also made some of the empanadas with shredded cheddar cheese and red pepper flakes for a richer option, both of which I just eyeballed to taste.

{I can’t emphasize enough how important the egg wash step is. Sometimes I am a lazy thot and don’t want to waste an entire egg for brushing when you end up throwing half of it away, but it is so crucial to the flaky brown crust}


These are super-customizable, depending on your mood. I’ve made them with frozen chopped spinach, mushrooms, beef, etc. Plus, you can enjoy them for pretty much any meal anytime. Throw a poached egg on one for breakfast, grab one for a quick snack on the go, and great with rice/salad/anything for lunch or dinner.