Freddy for your Thots?

Eating Out


It’s no secret that Yelping gives this thot a false sense of importance after going out to eat. Although my opinion doesn’t matter any more than the next customer’s, I do enjoy sitting down after a fun meal to reflect on the food and atmosphere. Sometimes it reminds me of flavors I want to recreate at home, other times I want to vent about some bad service as a sort of closure.

Anywhooooo I had been visiting my sister in Fairfax, VA for dessert about a month ago, when we decided to hit up Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers for milkshakes and shoestring fries (you know, eating clean of course). Freddy’s appears to be your standard diner/drive-thru with an order counter and 70s/80s throwbacks playing in the background, but it has more to offer. In short, we had a good time, and I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and attentive the staff was. They even stopped by our table while we were eating to ask if everything was to our liking! So I wrote them a quick review to say thanks.

Now imagine my reaction when the manager of this Freddy’s location reached out to me to thank me for my kind words (HINT that aforementioned sense of importance was involved). He offered for me to come back with a friend to try a full meal! Score.

We returned this weekend and Freddy’s exceeded all of my expectations. The staff again could not have been more friendly, and the burgers were great! Consider this thot FULL. ThotFull. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, one of the employees brought us out a tray of four different custard treats. We felt like custard queens.

Some pics bcuz why wouldn’t I document this momentous experience:


Sorry these are kinda blurry but we were too excited to wait on staging a picture. FREE CUSTARD TASTES EVEN BETTER THAN REGULAR CUSTARD.  
IMG_8254  IMG_8253

Don’t you forget about me, Freddy, because I definitely won’t forget about you.